Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21 Early Headlines

  • Citigroup and Bank of America "surge more than 4 percent" (Bloomberg)
  • Foreigners buying up newspapers: first Slim-NYT, now Lebedev-Evening Standard (Moscow Times)
  • Fiat catches Chrysler virus, drops to 24-year low (Bloomberg)
  • American Airlines posts $69 million loss (USAToday)
  • PIMCO done negotiating; drops out of GM bondholder group (Bloomberg)
  • CDS report: recession fears put credit markets on edge (FT Alphaville)
Bank market capitalization picture of the day

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Anonymous said...

That picture is exceedingly misleading.
The diameter of the bubbles represents their mkt cap (e.g. JPMorgan drops from 165 to 85 and so the diameters halve). Whereas their AREAS decline far more dramatically (owing to pi*r^2 rule) so the JPM area is 1/4 NOT 1/2 as it should be.

Tyler Durden said...

good point. makes sense that jpm put it together