Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Apple Facing SEC Review Over Jobs Health Disclosures

Looks like Mary Schapiro is eager to do something on her first day in office. Instead of focusing on the $1 trillion asset bubble and the thousands of scammers and ponziers, she has decided to go thru Steve Jobs' dumpster and check for old syringes and pill bottles. Enough already - give the man some peace. If as an AAPL investor you did not notice Jobs' loss of over 50 pounds in a year and did not make your own decisions about his "key man" status at the company, then it is your fault if you bought at $180. Everyone knew that there could be something wrong with Steve: it is not Apple's fiduciary obligation to report on his health. Are there no more pressing issues for the SEC to be focusing on goddammit?

In other news: Tim Geithner has been carefully watching and learning from Tim Roth's brilliant insights NBC's new series Lie to Me. Sphere: Related Content
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