Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's Hear it For The New Deathwatch Participants

We usually make a lot of fun of Yahoo Finance for their sophisticated outlook on the economy. In this case they may have been on to something. While not disclosing anything new, this article cites Howard Davidowitz, and Britt Beemer who note that due to people's recent predilection to actually saving instead of maxing out all their credit cards, the following retailers will likely not make it thru 2009:

  • Charming Shoppes
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Timberland
  • Ann Taylor
  • Zales
  • Sears (ESL likely not to be too happy about this one)
Other companies that will likely be on the verge in 2009 according to Yahoo, include Starbucks, Sprint Nextel, Mrs Fields, Applebee's, and Cheesecake Factory. We would be particularly sad about the last one's demise as we are quite fond of their desert menu. Alternatively, in a silver lining to this Great Depression, one should short dieting companies as America's obesity epidemic may finally get a reprieve.
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Anonymous said...

I guess this means no more standing around in my Timberland topsiders, sipping my Grande Latte,watching workmen repair my house, while I put off shopping for a Valentines present.

Oh well, I guess the good old times are gone.

Anonymous said...

Go long on confectioneries. Sad people love sugar.