Friday, January 23, 2009

Paging Anton Valukas: Dick Fuld Secretly Transferred Jupiter Island Home To Wife

While John Thain will be enjoying his creme of the crap status of reviled interior decorators for some time, Dick Fuld is about to upstage him in the shady asset transfer category. Cityfile has broken the following bombshell: the Gorilla's $13 million home on Jupiter Island, which was held by both Mr and Mrs Dick, was recently transferred singly to Kathy. Dick sold his portion of the house on 265 S Beach Rd, Jupiter Island to his wife for the princely sum of $100. The transfer occurred on November 10, as the sordid details of Lehman's bankruptcy were becoming public knowledge.

(265 S Beach Road, Jupiter Island)

Additionally we did some extra work and tracked down the public info in Martin County's Tax Collector database on the Fuld's estate (available here). Last year the couple paid $197,193 in property tax alone; this year the amount due is $205,410. All the unemployed Lehmanites who lost their life savings will be pleased to know their former boss is still doing relatively ok. Also the public Recorded Document search in Marin County will present the Gorilla's signature in all its florid glory on the Transfer of Warranty deed.
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