Thursday, January 22, 2009

Charlie About To Have Asthma Attack on Air; Lists $1.2 Million Of Thain's Office Stationery

Gasparino's high placed sources have notified him of a high level meeting at BofA at 11:30 am this morning at which John Thain will most likely be booted out.

What about Ken Lewis?

Good riddance


Gasparino reports that Thain had spent $1.22 million to redecorate his office at Merrill, and paid his driver over $230,000 last year.

Some details on the interior decoration: Biggest beneficiary was Michael S. Smith design which received $837,698 for the project (Also Michelle Obama's designer, and who received $100,000 from the White House for his services). Among items purchased were:

Rug: $87,786
Mahogany pedestal table: $25,713
19th century credenza: $68,179
Pendant light furniture: $19,751
4 pair of curtains: $28,091
Pair of guest chairs: $87,784
George IV chair: $18,468
6 wall sconces: $2,741
Parchment waste can (for all those used interior decoration invoices): $1,405
Roman shade fabric: $10,967
Roman shades: $7,325
Coffee table: $5,852
Commode on legs $35,115 Sphere: Related Content
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