Sunday, January 11, 2009

There Can Be Only One!!!

We all know about West vs. East, 2-Pac vs. Notorious B.I.G., LA vs NY, etc... How does this express itself in the HF community where most managers are either grads of Steinberg-Dietrich Hall (that Huntsman hall phallic monstrosity will never take the place of the brick facade that Saul Steinberg's Reliance renovated with a whole pile of hard-earned, scandal-free dollars) or ex-Yale Lacrosse players, yet where on occasion you may find the odd Westsider... And they can be quite floral.... from Bob Chapman, whose insidiously delirious letters revolutionized the world of activist investing (plus the link to Chapman capital is, which is either retarded or brilliant, we can't decide), to Steinhardt protégé Charles Davidson, to Robert Beyer of TCW, who somehow managed not to lose his company when Jerome Kerviel made a bit of a bad bet for parent company Suck Gen, to.....

(Scott in full Proxy Fight Attire)

...SCOTT GALLOWAY... The man is a legend, a titan amongst titans, a former Muffkateer, Vagilante, and Trim Reaper, and looks incomparably better semi-naked, dressed in just a garbage bag and a sword, than Stevie Cohen.... The former ZBT brother (UCLA's notoriously bad-boy frat as seen here, and here, which boasts among its alumni some of the most respected and prominent muffkateers in the world including the original Ari Gold), and founder or Firebrand Partners, presumably dressed in a business suit, together with Phil Falcone, were appointed to the Board of Directors of the New York Times last spring after buying a whole lot of shares at way inflated prices. One can only imagine the carnage at Board meetings if Scotty kept his Highlander garb and Lisa Falcone would show up to do a feeding with the girls.

Speaking of the New York Times (the newspaper your grandparents used to read occasionally), walk, or better yet run, to your closest Off Track Betting saloon or Schwab retail brokerage outlet, whichever received its TARP gift package from Baldy more recently, and buy 5, 10 or 100 million worth of CDS (which are cheap at only 13 points upfront). NYT's $400 million credit line which expires in late May will likely drag the Sulzberger family heirloom all the way down to 1 Bowling Green unless Connor McLeod here somehow manages to do a sale-leaseback for the NYT building at 2007 peak market valuations... As we are big fans of the obituaries section in the newspaper, we hope all's well that ends well. Sphere: Related Content
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