Friday, January 16, 2009

More On The Secretive Frank and Charlie

Good to see we are on to something. In our breaking expose from Wednesday we presumed that there is more than meets the eye with Frank DiPascali and Charlie Wiener, the other, heretofore secretive Lipstick building 17th floorites. Today Bloomberg reporters seem to agree and have expanded on our initial discoveries... We are quite impressed by the quality of their diligence but I assume you have ways and means when you are actually getting paid for your sleuthing (ahem, management). Not too many major revelations though: their Bridgewater, NJ home is assesed at $1.38 million (btw, Zilllow valuations are roughly 6-12 months old, so take off a zero here and there), Frank likes black Mercedes, dark sunglasses and snowblowers, and like Tim Geithner is not a big fan of paying taxes. Also, due to his Howard Beach origins (of East Coast Watts Riots fame), Bloomberg is tongue-in-cheekly saying the man is obviously linked to the Italian mafia... Curiously another Madoffite emerges, in the face of Robert Cardile, Frank's brother in law, who also was working for Madoff beginning in 1985.

We suggest our friends at Bloomberg follow up on Charlie next... We think there are much more juicy details on this man, who potentially ripped off his own mother's (and Bernie's sister) life savings.
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