Thursday, January 15, 2009

Breaking News: US Airways Plane Has Crash-Landed in Hudson River

Apparently the plane is an Airbus 320 flying from LaGuardia to Charlotte, NC. The plane is semi-submerged in the Hudson River and is "slowly sinking". According to the US Airways website this is flight 1549. Media reports there were 148 passengers and 6 crew members onboard when the plane crash-landed into the river. The plane struck a flock of geese on take off. The crash occurred off of 50th street in Manhattan. According to the FAA everyone on the plane is safe and off the plane.

Turbofan engines for the A-320 are apparently made by either CFM International with the CFM56 engine, or International Aero Engines with V2500. The CFM56, specifically the 5B variant, is assembled by GE in Evandale, OH and by Snecma in Villaroche, France. The V2500 engine is a two-shaft, high bypass engine, while International Aero Enginers is a consortium of four companies: Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Japanese Aero Engine Corporation, and MTU Aero Engines. More than 1,300 V2500-powered aircraft are currently in operation and have accumulated over 40 million flight hours. In Addition to the A-320, the V2500 power the MD-90 airplane. Sphere: Related Content
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