Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick Robin, to the Mad-Mobile, so We Can Escape with the Mad-Plane

Because we all know the old man has an escape plan up his sleeve, that may very well include a top secret Mad-Cave somewhere deep inside 133 East 64th street (if anyone has blueprints for the house, please send to us), Zerohedge is very curious to find out where exactly Bernie's Legacy 600 is parked. As CNBC noted the Brazilian jet is likely a key cog in the plan to flee to Mexico or elsewhere. Granted range may no be sufficient for a nonstop flight to Fiji, but it does present options. So, if anyone knows whether this 16 seater is parked at Tetterboro and can confirm it, one would say that the ability to rush the guards at the private airport with a small to moderate lynch mob should present no significant difficulty. Sphere: Related Content
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