Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mad-Cave Museum Deal Closer Than You Think

Seems Mad-Man overestimated his triathlon skills in getting to Tetterboro and the Mad-Jet before the FBI could catch up with him. Only that could explain the claim made in a NYT article earlier that:

Federal prosecutors acknowledged in a court order released Monday that Mr. Madoff’s lawyer, Ira Lee Sorkin, is "engaging in discussions concerning a possible disposition of this case." While Mr. Sorkin would not comment, several former prosecutors said that language clearly indicated that the discussions were about a deal in which Mr. Madoff would agree to plead guilty in exchange for some type of leniency. “He’s trying to cut a deal,” said Marvin G. Pickholz, a former securities regulator and specialist in white-collar crime. “The only other possible ‘disposition’ that could be negotiated would be for the government to drop the whole case — and that’s not going to happen.”

What crazy scheme is the old man hatching now? We, for one, sure would not underestimate the conniving genius of this Kasparov of conmen. Sphere: Related Content
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