Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Money-Grubbing, Cholesterol-Spiking Idea of the Day

As anyone who has ever visited the West Coast will attest, Jack In The Box is the greatest hamburger joint that has ever lived. In-N-Out (mmmm.... animal style) and their JJ Abrams-like uberwierd secret menu may be a close contender, but just the intangible gratification from the utter nonsense of seeing a hydrocephallic snowman selling ciabatta burgers pushes it to a perpetual #1 ranking. Well, in an interview earlier on CNBC, CEO Linda Lang, who had earlier rang the NASDAQ opening bell (why it was not Jack we can not fathom) commented that JACK is moving to a franchise business model. Some Advice: add up your net worth and get in line to be a franchiser... With Wall Street (and related cash flows) about to go K-T boundary, the only thing people will spend money on is charbroiled, fatty goodness... Plus you will have the added benefit of seeing Jack all day every day on posters all over your office. Sphere: Related Content
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