Monday, January 12, 2009

Mad-Cave Blueprints Procured

Well, it isn't apartment 14A/B in 740 Park, but Bernie's $7 million Guantanamo will make most studio and one bedroom NY dwellers green with unponziated envy. Our friends at Business Sheet have gotten good insight into just how sweet the future museum of unmitigated greed at 133 East 64th Street must be from the inside (at $25/admission ticket, assuming 5,000 visitors a day it will payoff $50 billion in investor losses in exactly 1538.4 years, not indexed for inflation, and Paulson (bald version, not the one who is actually good with money) is making damn sure that on a real basis it will be more like 4 years). Turns out the building, of which Bernie was president of the co-op board until a few days prior to his admission, is populated with other celebs such as NBC's own Matt Lauer, who is likely Bernie's penthouse neighbor.

We are, however, disappointed that despite the massive square footage apparently there is no Brazilian landing strip (Embraers are Brazilian you sickos) or hangar to house the Embraer 600.

Regardless, enjoy the layout of the penthouse in all its glory - this is what running a ponz for over 30 years buys you.

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