Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ponzasaur About to be Carted Off... a Kia Sorrento???? oh the indignity... in what will probably be his last trip in a non Department of Corrections vehicle, Bernie will have to indulge in all the comfort of this Korean creem of the crop...

On the other hand it could have been this.

************ UPDATE ***********

For a second seemed the Kia was trying to pull an Austin Powers three point turn in an 8 foot wide one way street.... false alarm.... stay tuned

************UPDATE 2***********

In a brilliant piece of reporting, CNBC says the Kia's windows will "likely not stop a sniper's bullet". true... true...

***********UPDATE 3************

And they're off... good work navigating the 64th street traffic...

***********UPDATE 4************

Good to see that CNBC agrees with our assessment of the vehicle Sphere: Related Content
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