Saturday, January 17, 2009

Investment Idea That Gets You Points With the Ladies

The market is crashing, the S&P will hit 500 soon, Sotheby's stock is plummeting: is there any way to invest in artistic assets in this environment? Our recommendation - get on the prebuy list for Geoffrey Raymond. The modernist artist who exploded on the scene by painting and then having ordinary people annotating portraits of Jimmy Cayne and Dick Fuld will likely have years and years of scandalous work subjects. Based on his current portfolio he will not be suffering from painter's block any time soon. His early Dick Fuld sold for $10,000, current pieces are going for $30k+. At this rate we expect to see Geoffrey's art easily overtake the garbage that Damien Hurst was peddling to billionaire ponzi schemers. Granted the hype of the Annotated Madoff's will likely come and pass but vainglorious semi-billionaires will still be happy to shell out a lot of money for time-defining pieces such as Black Warren.

After all - would you rather keep your money in cash once hyperinflation hits, in Treasuries where you pay the government for a mattress alternative, in Banc of America which will be nationalized any moment, or in relatively cheap art which can only go up?
Thanks Geoffrey, can I get this autographed please?
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