Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Readings

  • Commercial Real Estate - The economy's anvil (Time)
  • First ever global housing-led recession (Dr Housing Bubble)
  • Ralph Nader: Obama's GM plan looks like a raw deal (WSJ)
  • GM bondholders near deadline to accept equity plan (Reuters and NYT)
  • Niall Ferguson: how economists can misunderstand the crisis (FT)
  • The inefficient capital markets hypothesis (Credit Slips)
  • My therapeutic rant on the current economic madness (EconoSpeak)
  • Emir of Qatar still studying stake in Porsche (Reuters)
  • Zoellick warns stimulus "sugar high" won't stem unemployment (Bloomberg)
  • Putting a price on leaving the TARP (Dealbook)
  • How laypeople and experts misperceive the effect of economic growth (Journal Of Econ Psychology, h/t Paul Kedrosky)
  • Apollo units wins dismissal from Texas trial over Huntsman bid (Bloomberg)
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