Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Frontrunning: May 27

  • Banks aiming to play both sides of same coin, will rape and pillage FDIC's deposit insurance reserves in order to speculate in PPIP (WSJ)
  • Mortgage refi applications drop 14% on rising mortgage rates (Bloomberg)
  • GM Misses Goal for Debt-Equity Swap Before Bankruptcy Deadline (Bloomberg)
  • Latvian hookers signal no recovery for economy (Bloomberg)
  • Must read: TARP - The greatest swindle ever sold (The Nation)
  • Staples profit falls 33% as companies spend less on office supplies (Bloomberg)
  • Some more musings on the SLP and TICK (TraderFeed)
  • Bradford & Bingley to default on bond payment (Bloomberg)
  • UBS will stick with decision to raise salaries by 50% (Bloomberg)
  • TARP-trapped banks Citi and BofA will also follow suit and raise salaries (Bloomberg)
  • GM bondholders are people like you and me (WSJ)
  • Michael Lewis: The master of money (The New Republic)
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