Monday, May 25, 2009

Holiday Reading

  • Carmakers’ Woes May Cost Six Million Jobs, Union Head Says (Bloomberg)
  • Mounting sadness behind the happy headlines (FT)
  • Job losses push safer mortgages to foreclose (New York Times)
  • In India, little demand for no frills car (Bloomberg)
  • Simon Property Group says things in REIT land to get better... Rational people disagree (Investopedia)
  • Goodbye globalization (Globe and Mail)
  • Chrysler, 363 (f) and dealership agreements (Credit Slips)
  • Porsche falls on refi concerns (Bloomberg) [How are those CDS doing?]
  • US bond sale faces stiff market resistance (Telegraph)
  • Roubini: Don't believe the optimists (Forbes)
  • 180 Degree moment of the day: "World economy stabilizing" - Paul Krugman (Reuters, hat tip Mike)
  • Reminder: Chrysler Sale Approval Hearing this Wednesday at 10:00 am in New York Bankruptcy court. Will be a firecracker. Show up early.
Thanks to John, James and Bret for their generous donations.


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