Thursday, May 28, 2009

Frontrunning: May 28

  • Time Warner approves spin off of AOL (AP)
  • Initial claims drop, continuing claims rise for 17th "record" week (AP)
  • Commerce department says soon to be downward adjusted durable goods order rose by 1.9% in April, after a [surprise, surprise] huge downward revision in March, from -0.8% to -2.1% (AP)
  • Oil holds above $63, aircraft companies/gas guzzlers luvin' every minute of it (Bloomberg and Reuters)
  • The financial version of the swine flu in Germany (Absolutideas)
  • Will Bernanke get four more years at the fed (RealClearMarkets)
  • Weil: Morgan Stanley bullying is least of SEC's woes (Bloomberg)
  • America sneezes and the world is germ-free (TimesOnline)
  • Never profitable Christian Lacroix files for bankruptcy (NYT)
  • California budget blues (The Nation)
  • Is a commercial real estate bust inevitable? (Fortune)
  • Is the Geithner plan still necessary? (The New Republic)
  • Groupthink: China won't dump our debt (WSJ)
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