Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Overalottment: May 26

  • George Orwell headline of the day: Yen declines as signs of U.S. recovery boost demand for yield (Bloomberg)
  • It is 10:40 pm - one hour and twenty minutes left: Fate of GM lies with angry bondholders (Reuters and AP)
  • Vornado's Fascitelli has his work cut out for him (WSJ)
  • We are in the eye of the $469 billion toxic mortgage hurricane (Dr. Housing Bubble)
  • Jones Day: More PE Companies to buy "failed" banks with taxpayer guarantees (Dealscape)
  • Alistair Darling embarrassed after failing to notice GBP70 billion hole in UK budget (Telegraph)[Billion? Bah - vile amateurs! In non-kommunist Amerika this is rounding error]
  • Which leads us to... Exploding debt threatens Ameri(k)a (FT)
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