Friday, May 29, 2009

Frontrunning: May 29

  • GDP dips at 5.7%, more than 5.5% consensus (AP)
  • Good overview of black mortgage Wednesday (MND)
  • Fiat will not attend Open talks (BBC)
  • Tiffany's profit tumbles 62%, sales below consensus (Bloomberg)
  • Oil and gold surge higher (FT)
  • Mortgage rates: it could be as bad as you imagine (Field Check Group)
  • A stimulus you can believe in (The American)
  • Krugman: The big inflation scare (NYT)
  • A brief incursion into the not so big two (WaPo)
  • Bloated US consumer unfit for recovery marathon (Bloomberg)
  • Orwellian headline on the day: Stocks, Oil, Metals Rise as World Recession Eases; Dollar Drops (Bloomberg)

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