Friday, May 29, 2009

Robert Rodriguez On The Economy

Now and then there is a glitch in the matrix, and one can actually find something useful in that massive propaganda machine known as CNBC (all hail General Electric and the upcoming US nationalization of every deteriorating corporation). Presented below is an interview with Robert Rodriguez, CEO of First Pacific Advisors and Morningstar Fixed Income Fund Manager for 2008, which is quite impressive, not least in that CNBC allowed this segment to air at all, but because Rodriguez captures the essence of the collision course in which the economy is headed.
"People do know that we are in trouble and that we have to go down a different course. The question is which course and we have a course in this country right now of excessive debt growth and liability growth, and there is a group of people that realize this is a non-sustainable course that's dangerous to the country, the economy and to their children."
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