Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Looting Of RBS

Soon coming to a certain Greenwich marina corporate campus near you.

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Tyler Durden said...

it's british tv. they always cut off the money shots

Steve said...

I'm pretty sure Sir Fred and the boys looted RBS pretty thoroughly already.

Anonymous said...

"Stop, or i'll say Stop Again"

Bring those G20 protesters to NYC, they will be tear gassed and then BEATEN by new yorks finest before they are locked up in the tombs for 47.5 hours before their 48 hour constitutional right to be processed ends.

But i do like the UK bright neon police jackets, those are cool.

BritishBobby said...

Looting! I'm sure! RBS has been looted already. The protesters are not dumb and dumber as in your infinate wisdom you assume. I would think that Americans would try to loot RBS and the toliet paper that they get would be bountiful booty.

1 sheet of TP could be traded for 1 USA Treasury Bill or 174 US Dollars! Welcome to the new Jew world that you engineered. Fucktards!