Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sal Catrini Leaves JPM, Joins Bove At Rochdale

In a sad move for Wall Street news hounds, the creator of the most widely read "market intelligence" update has left the building. Sal Catrini, whose Early Look At The Market was required reading for bankers and hedge funders on their daily commutes, built a reputation for providing unbiased and comprehensive news summaries for many years while at Bear Stearns, and subsequently at white knight acquiror JP Morgan. Sal will continue providing his news reports at Rochdale, although it is unclear whether the company will have the same infrastructure support that he enjoyed while at JPM.

Sal, if you are reading this, feel free to add ZH to your distribution. Sphere: Related Content
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former Bear said...

Sal Catrini also won the Bear Stearns weight loss challenge one week in the summer of 2007. Best of luck to him.

One of his colleagues took over the Early Look a month or so ago.

Anonymous said...

Sal Catrini was and still is a joke. He had 6 juniors do all the work while he sat back eating donuts in his office. By the way he came in second in the weight-loss challenge...and he pulled that off because he used to go to karate class during work! Sal Catrini is the man who pulled the curtain over Wall Street's eyes. CTRL+C, CTRL+V Catrini now puts out "Cat on a Rock" which is an utter disaster.