Friday, April 3, 2009

Bad News For High School Drop Outs

The jobless rate differential between people with less than a high school education (13.3%) and college grads (4.3%) hits a 17 year high. This is pretty bad news for working class people who are really affected by marginal changes in mortgage rates and credit availability.

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Anonymous said...

this should not surprise anyone.

Mark said...

On the plus side this is going to take care of the immigration (illegal) problem right quick.

24 mo ago all I hear was Mexicans will do work that no American would do.

Now that American wages will soon undercut Chinese, that won't be quite the issue.

Send this market up another 5000! Labor costs almost negligible for US multinationals!

qadi said...

The real bad news was in SRS... lol!

Anonymous said...

well then we need to reopen high schools for older people who aren't working but want to finish.

Anonymous said...

^^That's what GED's are for dummy. Take it you have yet to receive yours.

Anonymous said...

i have a phd but no high school degree so how does this news affect me?