Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Frontrunning: March 31

  • Financial "rescue" package = U.S. GDP (Bloomberg)
  • The question Geithner refuses to answer (Clusterstock)
  • iShares rumored to be sold to CVC Capital for $4.3 billion (Bloomberg)
  • The paradoxical standoff that is GGP (WSJ)
  • What went wrong at AIG (The New Republic)
  • Larry Kudlow: GM's Breathtaking departure (Real Clear Markets)
  • Deja Vu: Lennar offers lowest ever mortgage rate at 3.625% (WSJ)
  • Morgan Stanley on the PPIP: A Step Forward (Morgan Stanley)
  • NY Superintendent Dinallo says "we modernized ourselves into this ice age" (Naked Capitalism)
  • Celestine Bohlen: The dollar isn't going to yield to yuan just yet (Bloomberg)
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Anonymous said...

Hearing all these great minds espouse their Ivy League theories about economics and how to solve the current problem.

Not one theory that I've heard involves the consumer giving up on their job, assumed to be buying everything in sight.

It's reasonable to think that the administration is implementing a Keynesian solution to a lack of consumer participation, but the consumer will never be back to fill their expected roll in this economy.

Carry on.

jonny appleseed said...

born & bred consumer babies and all we wanna do to make shit.

perhaps we could make the USA into one giant compost heap?

so we can finally start growin shit (good shit) again?

Anonymous said...

"consumer will never be back to fill their expected roll in this economy."

Is this the same consumer that puts his Cadillac Escalade up for sale when gas hits $4.00, and then buys it back when gas falls below $3.00??

I suspect as soon as he/she gets two consecutive months of growth in their 401's, they'll jump on the first solicitation for an intro rate of 3.90%.

This is how we live.