Monday, March 30, 2009

Frontrunning: March 30

  • GM has 60 days until its brand new dodecatuple secret bankruptcy deadline (Bloomberg)
  • Russia backs return to Gold Standard (Telegraph)
  • Blackstone has funds with "significant negative" returns, refuses to disclose performance data to SEC (Bloomberg)
  • 8,000 more jobs to be cut at UBS, more writedowns coming (Reuters)
  • Robert Samuelson: Uncle Sam's Massive Hedge Fund (Washington Post)
  • Geithner: Banks will need "Large Amounts" of assistance (Bloomberg)
  • How I helped build Wall Street's bomb (New York Magazine)
  • Alan Greenspan jumps on the sucker rally bandwagon (FT)
  • New Yorkers earning over $300,000 to pay more taxes (Bloomberg)
  • Dan Weil: How hedge funds will survive (Slate)
  • Hungary picks new candidate for premier (WSJ)
  • M&A volumes start year with 36% fall (FT)
  • G20: the risk of riots in London (The Independent)
  • And here are the potential London hotspots (Seeking Alpha)
  • Non-financial companies' Free Cash Flow to drop by 50% in 2009 (CFO)
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gogo greenberg said...

"We consider it a high-risk situation," said Eden Mendel, of Kroll Security Consulting Group. "An unprecedented number of people are going to be in a small space at once. There is a risk things could get out of hand."

Kroll = Marsh & McLennan ==> AIG

Anonymous said...

more like: "With nothing to lose, Russia backs return to Gold Standard"

Clotario said...

"Stock markets across the globe have to be close to a turning point."
Oh Alan, you're such a kidder.

I'm sorry, wasn't it your decade or so inability to see the writing on the wall that gave [everyone] the green light to bring us to this point? Now you deem stock markets - without any rationale beside that they've taken a hit - must be properly priced?