Saturday, April 4, 2009

Developing Story: North Korea Has Launched A Long Range Rocket

As of 11:04pm Eastern the rocket had passed Japan with a payload that is unclear but according to Yonhap South Korea news agency it was likely a satellite. Immediate condemnation from all regional countries: Japan government says launch is "regrettable" while S. Korea said launch is a "grave threat" to world peace. The State Dept of the U.S. says the "rocket launch is a serious threat to the northeast Asian region and to the International community."

Update 1: Japan has requested an emergency U.N. Security Council session on the rocket launch.

Update 2: Russian military confirms launch; US State Department to hold emergency press conference at 11:40pm Eastern.

Update 3: Official Statement by Obama:

"North Korea's development and proliferation of ballistic missile technology pose a threat to the northeast Asian region and to international peace and security. The launch today of a Taepo-dong 2 missile was a clear violation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1718, which expressly prohibits North Korea from conducting ballistic missile-related activities of any kind. With this provocative act, North Korea has ignored its international obligations, rejected unequivocal calls for restraint, and further isolated itself from the community of nations.

We will immediately consult with our allies in the region, including Japan and the Republic of Korea, and members of the U.N. Security Council to bring this matter before the Council. I urge North Korea to abide fully by the resolutions of the U.N. Security Council and to refrain from further provocative actions.

Preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery is a high priority for my administration. The United States is fully committed to maintaining security and stability in northeast Asia and we will continue working for the verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula through the Six-Party Talks. The Six-Party Talks provide the forum for achieving denuclearization, reducing tensions, and for resolving other issues of concern between North Korea, its four neighbors, and the United States. North Korea has a pathway to acceptance in the international community, but it will not find that acceptance unless it abandons its pursuit of weapons of mass destruction and abides by its international obligations and commitments."
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eh said...

With Japanese exports down 50% y-o-y in February, it's not clear what additional damage a rocket could do should it reach that far and be that accurate.

qadi said...

Japan is probably conspiring with NK to nuke all their pensioners...

Anonymous said...

North Korea failed to put a rocket into orbit Sunday, contrary to its earlier claim of a successful launch, U.S. and South Korean officials said.
link. Norcom said "no threat".

Even if they did the US and A has spent all of it's USD's shoring up the banks and can't even sell securities to fund returning military equipment from Iraq, instead leaving it there to rot in the sun.

With the yet undiscovered Black Swan in the $700 Trillion dollar OTC derivative holdings, the great US and A wouldn't dare start a war anywhere on the globe.

Hell, the Somali Pirates could launch a ballistic rocket complete with a nuclear payload and all Obama can do is posture and give a great speech with some tough words.

We're broke and on the verge of being more broke and everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

maybe Obama needs to invite them for tea or better yet invite them on Leno.. and all will be fixed..

as for our taxpayer $$, perhaps Mr. Obama should understand he works for americans! perhaps he should stop wasting our money redecorating his hotel rooms in France.. of course since we get the bill for it, it doesn't matter does it?

just like timmy geithner offloading trillions of dollars of debt on the balancesheet on the american taxpayer.

what a bunch of crooks, liars and frauds!

Unknown said...

The 1st of many probes by our enemies (oops Obama says I should say the countries who justifiably hate us) who sense our weakness and believe we are bankrupt, both economically and spiritually.

They may be right about our economic bankruptcy, I hope they're wrong about our spiritual bankruptcy, although who can blame for thinking it's the case when we have elected a president who so clearly despises his own country.

Anonymous said...

We're broke and on the verge of being more broke and everyone knows it.

___ said...

This is all just a side show.....

The world needs a villain after holding hands and singing kumbaya at the G20