Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ford Total Vehicle Sales Down 40.9%

Total Ford, Lincoln and Mercury sales totaled 125,107, down 41% from last year and higher 30% than February (GM's numbers should more than make up for this lack of slack).
Aslo it seems all those stupefying Volvo commercials aren't helping: only 6 thousand of Scandinavia's finest sold in March. The biggest hit by category was SUVs which was down 73.2% (-77.8 drop in Expedition and -69.8% drop in Explorer sales), as compared to cars (-36.6%), CUVs (-35.9%), and trucks and vans (-40.2%).

At the same time, the Mustang's star may be setting: after selling 10,180 cars in March 2008, the brand only sold 3,711 last month. The only outperformer (if one can call it that) was the Ford Fusion, which dropped only 20% from last year to 12, 723 cars sold.

Lastly, car services and limo companies must be hurting: Town Car sales are down over 50%, from 1,924 to 860 YoY. Sphere: Related Content
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