Friday, April 3, 2009

Frontrunning: April 3

  • The revision game begins: January non-farm payrolls revised to 741k from 655k
  • The CalPERS Apollo story is picking up steam: now on Bloomberg (Bloomberg)
  • Must read: Fed struggling to win over investors wary of sharks in TALF aid program (Bloomberg)
  • Fixing the fix: Failure rate rises on mortgages revised in late 2008, U.S. Says (Bloomberg)
  • Hedge funds get earful from clients about fees, withdrawals (Bloomberg)
  • Evans-Pritchard: World moves closer to world currency (Daily Telegraph)
  • The other angle by John Barry: MTM rule gives more clarity not less (Bloomberg)
  • Correlation is not causation, part 1,345,649,303 (Social Science Blog)
  • Obama's $163,000 tax bomb (WSJ)
  • The radicalization of Ben Bernanke (Washington Post)
  • The reverse black swan, Part I (Business Week)
Our gratitude to Brooke for the generous donation

And lastly, PPIP for dummies (hat tip anonymous reader):

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Anonymous said...

That's twice that you called me a dummy. I resemble that comment!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can post this one over the weekend.