Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Readings

  • Evans-Pritchard: Fiscal ruin of the Western world beckons (Telegraph)
  • Mauldin: Europe on the brink (Safe Haven)
  • The elusive California housing bottom (Dr Housing Bubble)
  • Six reasons to abolish the Fed (Mish)
  • It's good to be Goldman (Barron's)
  • TARP inspector urges Treasury to track banks' aid more closely (Bloomberg)
  • CIT in talks with bondholders as bankruptcy looms (Reuters)
  • Philadelphia's Urban Outfitters to lend direct to vendors if CIT files (Bloomberg)
  • As Philadelphia halts vendor payments, joining Cali in the IOU fest (WSJ)
  • BA and Virgin to stop suspected swine flu victims from flying (Guardian)
  • Al-Qaeda's next front: China (Pravda)
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