Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Frontrunning: July 22

  • Gallup Poll: More disapprove than approve of Obama's healthcare policy (Gallup)
  • PIMCO and Centerbridge charging 13% for the privilege of bleeding CIT dry, before handing off charred remains to GE Capital (Bloomberg)
  • The GE - CIT Connection becomes obvious (Bloomberg)
  • CIT troubles raise Fed supervision questions (Reuters)
  • CNBC parent GE to exit TLGP taxpayer backstop program (AP)
  • Goldman Sachs lack of love puts profits at risk (Bloomberg)
  • Bernanke's assurances (WSJ)
  • Boeing net rises 17% on heightened war preparations (Bloomberg)
  • Why is this not everywhere? China to spend reserves to grow oversear (Times of the Internet, h/t Gilgamesh)
  • More on DeutscheBankGate: now a total of 4 seem to have been using wiretaps on dissident shareholders (Bloomberg)
  • Big loss by Morgan Stanley on scramble to repay TARP and get their bonuses back, and to kill MS debt shorts (Bloomberg)
  • DDR prepares to set TALF stage with $600 million offering, courtesy of a pathologically confilcted S&P (WSJ)
  • Bernanke "Current policy will lead to calamity" (Austrian Filter)
  • Repost of Rick Bookstabber's piece "The arms race in high frequency trading" - the piece is fluff, the comments are good (Rick Boostabber)
  • Relative allocation of retail real estate by country (JHK)
  • Decision-makers' guide to stimulus part deux (Wells Fargo)
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