Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jones Day's Chrysler Charge To Taxpayers: $12,702,190.19

Chrysler's little parade in bankruptcy court to make sure a few hundred thousand unionized workers retain their jobs for another year or two is finished. And here is the bill to you, dear taxpayer (or rather the first of many): Jones Day's invoice is in the mail. Everyone take out their wallets and please split the $12,702,190.19 equally. After all, now that we are all benefiting form having a much leaner, much more competitive Chrysler around, we should all be happy to pay each and every lawyer who made it possible.

Jones Day has been kind enough to provide taxpayers with a breakdown of expenses incurred while working day and night to crack this determined from day one case.

And to get an itemized bill, er, perspective on the thousands of hours worked on the Chrysler case by virtually each of Jones Day's day lawyers, don't be shy and click on the fee detail below: 434 pages worth of itemizations are sure to provide countless hours of entertainment.

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