Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Charlie Lets Zero Intelligence Have It

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. Less than three hours after saying this "I generally don't respond to people who don't matter on Wall Street" you come out with this:

Not even sure you deserve a response to this, as apparently you have completely missed our prodding which had nothing to do with you being on Goldman's pay and everything with you doing the responsible journalistic thing, i.e., asking the tough questions which you purport you did, instead of being fed the party line. We appreciate the other side of the story: we can get that from Goldman's press releases and 8K's - you are supposed to read between the lines and find out what it is in the story that your new friends at 85 Broad are not telling you. But if by now you have not realized what your job as a journalist entails, it would be a folly for Zero Hedge to try to educate you at this late stage in your career.

Instead, as everyone knows the true nature of CNBC's journalism, which is namely to sell advertising space, we would simply like to present one piece of data that you, your producer, and your parent company General Electric may be most interested in.

As to the veracity of your, or Zero Hedge's claims, well, the audience is the best arbiter of that.

Good day.

PS. Maria (oh wait, whispering in my ear says your name is) Michelle, please give us a mailing address: we will dispatch a copy of Fight Club to you post haste, for free. It is a travesty to have your producer whisper in your ear just who this pseudonymous Tyler Durden is.

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