Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dylan Ratigan With Ron Paul "The Banking Infrastructure Is Trying To Protect The Secrecy Of The Federal Reserve"

Tommy Mottola must be considering signing a record deal with the lately omnipresent Ron Paul.

Incidentally, from Ben Bernanke's ongoing presentation to the House committee, when asked "How does providing factual info on Fed discussions compromise the Fed", Bernanke had this highly illogical reponse:

1. It would inhibit discussion.

2. It would inhibit the provision of information.

3. It would implicity provide the sense that Congress was second-guessing or trying to overrule the FOMC's decisions.

Did Wall Street chip in for the prompter on this response? The absurdity of Bernanke's answer would likely provide Lewis Black with hours of stand up entertainment fodder.

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