Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Plea For Your "Made In China" Garbage

Zero Hedge is currently in secret negotiations (see GE subsidiaries, we can leak market moving, secret stuff too) with Walstreetpro, finalizing the terms of his contributor status to our little (but growing) community.

In the meantime, Zero Hedge and Walstreetpro have a plea to readers who have one or one hundred pieces of unneeded and/or unnecessary Chinese inventory lying around. If you would like to see the world's greatest baseball economist trash that broken microwave oven/plasma TV/cell phone/disco ball/SPARC-based PC/CISCO router in front of an imaginary studio audience, please mail (don't Fedex or UPS, they already get your tax dollars) to the attention of:

Wal Streetpro

315 Speedway Place NW

Concord, NC 28027

The comatose American budget deficit and an exponentially growing army of Walstreetpro supporters will thank you for your generosity.

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