Monday, July 20, 2009

Frontrunning: July 20

  • Doubts over veracity of economic reports not helping to build confidence (Irish Times h/t Tim)
  • CIT bailout means everything more expensive in the world, except dollar of course... that's plunging as usual, thank you for giving them the idea Rosenberg (Reuters)
  • Oil at $65 (AP)
  • Volkswagen drops most since December on report of Porsche delay (Bloomberg)
  • Malcolm Gladwell: The psychology of overconfidence (New Yorker)
  • Jamie Dimon vs. Larry Summers (Baseline Scenario)
  • Paulson: A collosal lack of judgment (Alhambra Investments)
  • According to Felix, the CIT "private" resuce is the end of the financial crisis (Reuters)
  • How to turn a recession into a depression (Cato Institute)
  • China prepares for credit bubble consequences (Hong Kong Standard h/t Harrison)
  • KKR to merge with European arm (AP)
  • Weekly economic and financial commentary (Wells Fargo)
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