Friday, May 1, 2009

Frontrunning: May 1

  • Must read: Here come the little AIGs. Syncora (SCA) told by regulators to stop paying claims; next up - MBIA? (FT)
  • Must read: World Bank bonds shows what happens when governments rush rescue (Bloomberg)
  • Must read: Jonathan Weil - It's BofA shareholders versus everyone else (Bloomberg)
  • Chrysler needs 3 miracles to rival Iacocca rescue (Bloomberg)
  • Europe to see a summer of economic rage (WSJ)
  • Wall Street's civil war - Banks vs Hedge funds (The New Republic)
  • P&G, Colgate hit by consumer thrift [TD:yet everyone is buying metric tons of Green Mountain Coffee] (WSJ)
  • The mortgage cram-down smackdown (Slate)
  • A Chrysler bankruptcy won't be quick (WSJ, hat tip Jose)
  • Andrew Cuomo's swat team (BusinessWeek)
  • David Souter retiring, Obama will be happy to fill the spot (Bloomberg)
  • Not too much to show for first 100 days (IBD)
  • Morning humor: Abby Joseph Cohen sees S&P at 1,050 on... valuation (Bloomberg)
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