Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Frontrunning: April 29

  • GDP down -6.1% on -4.7% consensus; CNBC: "This is better than it looks"
  • Fed finds at least 6 of 19 banks need to raise capital (Bloomberg); As Zero Hedge expected two months ago, creeping equitization is the new black
  • US sees first death from swine flu (WSJ)
  • Flawed credit ratings reap profits as regulators fail investors (Bloomberg)
  • The fight for 17% of the U.S. economy (Forbes)
  • Ed Altman says distressed debt to slide further (Bloomberg)
  • A reality check for economic optimism (WaPo)
  • Time for bank creditors to share the pain (NYT)
  • SocGen chairman to resign (FT)
  • Gasparino: Bank of America smackdown (Daily Beast)
  • Europe's largest port may run out of space to store oil (Bloomberg)
  • Financial carnage on campus (Bloomberg)
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