Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Frontrunning: April 28

  • AIG's Joseph Cassano is finally in the regulators' cross hairs (CBS News)
  • More on the Citi, BofA capital deficiency (Bloomberg)
  • Swine flu epidemic fears increase (FT)
  • Business as usual - big bonuses for bankers (Telegraph)
  • Sorkin: Stress tests? No big deal after all (NYT)
  • Art house Sotheby's to slash dividend, plans more job cuts (Bloomberg)
  • Danny Pan charged with fraud by the SEC (WSJ)
  • How libertarian dogma led Fed astray (FT)
  • More PIMCO propaganda: The best offense is a good defense (PIMCO)
  • GM makes its final Hail Mary pass (The Atlantic)
  • The Q1 GDP shocker (Forbes)
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