Monday, April 27, 2009

Overallotment: April 27

  • Busting Bank of America (WSJ, hat tip Agrotera)
  • The tyranny of experts (The Barricade)
  • More on the idiotic jet flyover (NYT)
  • Bair seeks to expand power, end "too big to fail" (Bloomberg)
  • Volcker punctures the nonsense (Asia Times, hat tip Shanky)
  • OTC markets start to fight back (FT)
  • FSA's light touch turns to iron fist as more bankers questioned (Bloomberg)
  • Economist Anna Schwartz says the feds have misjudged the financial crisis (City Journal)
  • Whatever happened with that Textron takeover rumor? Gulfstream, Cessna sales to slide for two years as CEOs shun jets (Bloomberg)
  • Examining the sect of the cult of buoyancy (Finem Respice)
  • William Morris, Endeavor to merge, create largest Hollywood talent agency (Bloomberg)
  • Josef Ackermann of Deutsche gets 3 year contract extension (FT)
  • Quadrillion playing submerged elephant in the room (Intent hat tip Naren)
  • Portfolio magazine shuts down (NYT)
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