Thursday, April 30, 2009

Frontrunning: April 30

  • The quants are brewing real trouble at Morgan Stanley (WSJ)
  • Europe erases 2009 losses (Bloomberg)
  • Chrysler bankruptcy looms as deal on debt falters (NYT)
  • Howard Kagan sues Harbinger for $63 million of back pay (Dealbook)
  • Mexico plans partial shutdown to slow spread of flu (Bloomberg)
  • Japan's industrial production up as Americans wait in lines to buy Toyota and Nissan cars (NYT)
  • Nasdaq follows SEC' workaholic example and will take no action in Dendreon (Bloomberg)
  • Navigating toward Bretton Woods 3? (RGE)
  • Economy down, stocks up (Fundmastery)
  • What would Milton Friedman say? (Bloomberg)
  • US Protectionism takes its first bite (National Post)
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