Monday, April 27, 2009

Frontrunning: April 27

  • Goldman Sachs boosts risk-taking at fastest pace on Wall Street (Bloomberg)
  • Can a rally last on a diet of junk? (WSJ)
  • Fed puts ideal interest rate at -5% (FT)
  • Geithner, as NY Fed president, forged close ties to finance club (NYT)
  • Mexico stocks cut to underweight from top pick at UBS on swine flu (Bloomberg)
  • Roubini goes from Dr. Doom to Dr. Realist (Newsweek)
  • Jonathan Weil: One Nation, under banks with justice for no one (Bloomberg)
  • Is the Fed losing its independence (Becker-Posner)
  • How we got in over our heads in credit card debt (Miller-McCune)
  • Wall Street workers bank on a federal future (WaPo)
  • Of couples and cupolas (FT)
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