Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Overallotment: May 5

  • Just out: Bank Of America needs $34 billion in capital per latest leak (Reuters)
  • Banks that want to exit TARP must be able to raise debt without FDIC (Bloomberg)
  • BlackRock equities chief investment officer expects 11% S&P drop led by banks (Bloomberg)
  • Brokers are abandoning Wall Street (WSJ)
  • Reserve Primary Fund founder sued by SEC (Bloomberg)
  • Financial Engineering/Alchemy 101 - turning toxic waste into AAA gold (The Barricade)
  • Fed directors' ties to banks scrutinized (WSJ)
  • Who regulates the regulators? (Sense on cents)
  • The adaptive markets hypothesis and financial crisis (Perimeter Institute)
  • At fallen mortgage titan, tragedy amid the turmoil (WSJ)
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