Thursday, May 7, 2009

Investors Throwing Money At Junk Now

AMG Data Services just announced that US junk bond funds saw an $822 million inflow this past week, a doubling of the $435 million inflow from a week earlier. Looks like the powers that be have created a literal junk vortex and institutions are jettisoning treasuries (look at clearing 30 Yr Yield for an indication of appetite) and gobbling up the bottom of the risk pile just as hedge funds are dumping. And, of course, everyone is ignoring that 20% of these names will be bankrupt by year end, unless Obama and TTT nationalize everything, in which case look for the first 5 year plenary session some time in December, complete with parades by the 91st and 341 Missile Wings showing off their Minuteman III arsenals (reduced to single warhead delivery to comply with START I). Sphere: Related Content
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