Thursday, May 7, 2009

Frontrunning: May 7

  • Fed's bank results reassuring [and a joke at the same time], show no insolvency (Bloomberg)
  • GM posts $6 billion loss as bankruptcy looms (FT)
  • SPG boosts size of follow on offering to $1 billion (Bloomberg) [only about $30 billion more to be raised by MeREIT Lynch before the rally is over]
  • Trichet says ECB will buy bonds, says "rates appropriate" (Bloomberg)
  • Billions required to bolster US banks (FT) [how about non-US banks?]
  • The promise of shifting alliances (Finem Respice)
  • Jonathan Weil: Lehman bosses walk, while small fry walk plan (Bloomberg)
  • Blackstone, Fortress seek distressed debt hedge fund takeovers (Bloomberg)
  • The ongoing structured finance mess at Barclays (FT)
  • Roubini says Asia export-led growth model is now broken (Bloomberg)
  • Cashing in on Government Sachs (The Nation)
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