Monday, May 4, 2009

Overallotment: May 4

  • There are 2040 hits for "optimism" on Bloomberg default search, 369 for "pessimism"
  • 10 banks to fail stress test (WSJ)
  • Obstacles emerge for Fiat purchase of Chrysler (FT)
  • Roubini: We can't subsidize the banks forever (WSJ)
  • BofA says no plan to raise capital, Citi mum (Reuters)
  • 401(k)'s hit by withdrawal freezes (WSJ)
  • TPG highlights buy-out woes (FT)
  • More "leaks"- AIG to exclude more U.S. bailout cash (Bloomberg)
  • Porsche and VOW to clash over rescue plan (FT) [hint: Porsche CDS]
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