Monday, May 4, 2009

Dead Bodies Always End Up Floating To The Surface

Finem Respice has snagged some more thorny tidbits on the scent trail of the former NYT reporter and current Czar Of Government Motors's negotiating tactics. As more dead bodies float to the surface, it appear that Perella Weinberg was merely one of the hedge funds on the receiving end of the "persuasive" tirades. This is, of course, to be expected, as there were in the end, more than one hold out, and if Mr. Rattner felt compelled to provide justification (increased decibels or otherwise) for his point of view to an otherwise administration-friendly shop such as P-W, one can only guess how some of the smaller/less intertwined funds fared. And the kicker is that these "lesser beings" would have been on the receiving end of not only the White House Press Corps, but such other jovial acronyms as the SEC and the IRS. Perhaps Mr. Rattner, after he is done finding replacements for the UAW's source of Viagra, which is apparently the biggest concession granted by the Union, can move on to facilitate marine wildlife conciliatory strategies, specifically in the "White Shark vs Everyone Else" category. Sphere: Related Content
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