Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekend Reading

A visual guide to deflation (Mint)

Government Sachs is in control (Market Watch)

Graphic representation of the U.S. debt (CNBC)

Financial bloggers gain recognition (CNN) [good to see that people are respecting the first two rules]

Greece is on the verge of bankruptcy (BusinessWeek)

Dylan Ratigan on why he left CNBC (Clusterstock)

Frank Rich: Awake and sing (NYT)

Robert Reich: Why we are not at the beginning of the end (Robert Reich Blog)

New York: The tax capital of the world (WSJ)

Who is managing the TARP Desk (RT Investigations)

Lipstick index "Smeared" by recession (FT)

CDS for beginners (Satyajit Das)

Paul Krugman: Green shoots and tea leaves (NYT)

Why not help borrowers instead of banks (Curious Capitalist)

The flip side of the savings argument (Forbes)

2009 Bank failures 22 and 23 cost FDIC over $1 billion (Calculated Risk here and here)


With big gratitude to Richard, Senthil, Steve and Gerald for their donations.
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Anonymous said...

correct Rich link:

Sam said...

It takes time, Tyler. Don't be offended.

I've been here since Jan and I see the first 2 rules being broken with impunity by all "participants".

Anonymous said...

I DO NOT talk about Zero Hedge