Friday, April 17, 2009

Frontrunning: April 17

  • Citi group's loose interpretation of accounting rules summarized (Bloomberg)
  • Ditto for GE (Bloomberg)
  • Evans-Pritchard: IMF warns over parallels to Great Depression (Telegraph)
  • Hey economic geniuses! What happened? (BusinessWeek)
  • Janet Yellen: Decision to let Lehman fail (with then NY Fed's governor blessing) was a mistake (Bloomberg)
  • A premature payback time (Economist)
  • Joseph Stiglitz: White House ties to Wall Street doom bank rescue (Bloomberg)
  • Dimming the aura of Goldman Sachs (NYT)
  • The Goldman exit (Cumberland Advisors)
  • Lawyer survives Hudson River crash, loses job (MSNBC)
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