Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Martin Armstrong's Musings From Behind The Concrete

For the side view on Goldman Sachs.

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Anonymous said...

I feel bad for this guy. Intelligent people shouldn't be allowed to go so far off the deep end.

It would've been nice if he could spell Bear Stearns properly. It helps when grammar, spelling and punctuation are accurate - lends a veneer of intelligence.

Anonymous said...

How is Marty getting these missives out of a Federally controlled facility without the government editing the content?

Something to think about...

Anonymous said...

The hallmark of any good conspiracy theory rant is mispelling.

tinbox said...

Mr Armsrong's claim that Judith Miller was thrown into prison until she revealed whistle blowers is sharply at odds with the facts. Judith Miller refused to reveal top government officials who leaked classified information to be used against private citizens.

If Mr Armstrong can't grasp the well publicized facts of that conspiracy, I wouldn't rely on his conjectures regarding financial players.

Anonymous said...

Within perspective goldman sachs does not control anything but is under the control of the US (e) government.
Causy it was but not anymore.
I would not disgard the content of this letter.

Anonymous said...

While I express no opinion as to the content, let's see y'all try to observe correct grammar and spelling while typing out your manifesto on a 1973 IBM Selectric in between commissary duty.

Pat Shuff said...

Seven hundred attended—or a thousand, depending on which paper you read—including such celebrated names as Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel, who gave one of the eulogies, Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, former U.N. secretary-general Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, and Hubert de Givenchy, the French couturier, who had been Lily Safra’s favorite designer until his retirement. No member of Monaco’s ruling family attended, a fact that was remarked on by many people, since Safra was considered the most important person in Monte Carlo after Prince Rainier.

Several weeks later, a memorial service for Safra was held in New York at the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, on Central Park West at 70th Street. Again it was by invitation only, and again not everyone was asked back to the Safra apartment on Fifth Avenue, a fact that miffed several grand ladies of the city. Among the speakers at the service were Paul Volcker, former chairman of the Federal Reserve; James Wolfensohn, head of the World Bank; Neil Rudenstine, president of Harvard University; and Shimon Peres, former prime minister of Israel.


Armstrong claims the quirky movie Pi was based on him.

Anonymous said...

If you're really trying your hardest to look like an insane person, the best thing to do is to write with an old-fashioned typewriter and use your own doodles as illustrations.

Mission accomplished Martin: You look totally nuts.

Anonymous said...

Federal correctional authorities are forbidding Armstrong access to a computer. Hence the typewriter.

How would you illustrate graphics if you were denied a computer?

Anonymous said...

The club employees are out in force to discredit Martin...ha, what's new?

Why not explain why he is in prison and you are not.

Anonymous said...

For those imbeciles who believe spelling is more important than content I have just one thought - if everything Martin says is true you should be very, very afraid - even if only one of the things he said is true you should be afraid. Naivety becomes foolishness when you even cannot consider what seems unthinkable but are always willing and eager to believe everything the club and its mouthpieces tell you.

Anonymous said...

Martin is in jail and types on a real typewriter.

Anonymous said...

It's immaterial whether he uses a typewriter or a computer.
It's immaterial whether he spells correctly or not.

But of the two, an intelligent person CAN spell properly, and use proper grammar. He is an intelligent man and well educated.

Why is he in jail and I am not? Perhaps because he did something wrong like...oh I don't know...running a PONZI SCHEME?

Sure, of course the government is out to get him - before the Japanese Mafia gets him! I suppose I'd rather be breaking rocks in Leavenworth than being cut to pieces by an angry member of the Japanese Mob.

His credibility is nowhere, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else considered the possibility that TD is actually Armstrong blogging from jail?

Anonymous said...

How is it that Martin Armstrong avoided suiting up with the San Diego wing-nuts drinking the kool-aid, and hitching a ride on Comet Kohoutek?

Anonymous said...

His credit is nowhwere because he ran a Ponzi? That discredits our entire financial system and country itself.

Credibility about writing on this? "In order to catch a thief, one must hire a thief."

And regarding misspellings . . . for crying out loud, it's 17 pages typed out on a TYPEWRITER. You discover you've made a mistake on page 3, you can't go back and correct it without typing the whole thing again. And don't get me started on the pagination nightmare of such a change . . .

Anonymous said...

In debunking, it's never about the message. But it's ALWAYS about the messenger.

Tyler Durden is Martin Armstrong. Now there's some conspiracy theory for you.

Anonymous said...

Can someone kindly direct me to credible reports published at the time of Armstrong's arrest. I have been unable to find any details, e.g. claims of Ponzi victims. Thanks

Pat Shuff said...

credible reports

The key to getting to the bottom of the curious Armstrong case is getting to the bottom of the murky Safra affair. Good luck with that.

bottom line:

"The case remains unsolved."

Armstrong's 'magnum opus' from jail.

Anonymous said...

April 19-20 will be another turning point according to Martin Armstrong. Dow at 4,000 by Jul-09. Good luck all.

Perry Partners said...


put the crackpipe down

get back on the stelazine

you're halucinating again

chad said...

I love a good conspiracy yarn, but got bored after one paragraph noted the need to move to london to move away from regulators followed directly by another paragraph where the regulators here "would never prosecute"....again and again.

Martin & McKenna LP said...


flush the xanax

drink some ayahuasca

you're a pawn in karl marx' hallucinations.

Anonymous said...

Came across this amusing account of what got Dr. Marty into trouble most IBM Selectrics still in existence have the "X" eraser-key, don't they?

Anonymous said...

"Surely most IBM Selectrics still in existence have the "X" eraser-key, don't they?"

only if the guy using it before didn't use all the eraser tape up typing out his appeal brief.

if you don't know already, BOP is notoriously stingy on office supplies.

Anonymous said...

Tyler didn't even make a comment--this was an incredibly terrifying story...homeland security won't be calling GS/Fed/Treas/Justicedept a potential threat... just veterans, and anyone else who might question the bank cartel that owns our government...this is the USSA...and GS is the KGB.

arnoldsimage said...

to perry partners fuckhead:
Mr. Tancred Shiavoni of O'Melvany & Myers LLP conducted the interrogation attempting to solicit this image before the public.

SHIAVONI: Dr. Appelbaum, did you find Mr. Armstrong to be smart and intelligent?

APPELBAUM: My impression is that he was quite intelligent.

SHIAVONI: And do you have any way to rate his intelligence or is there any rating that you would give to his intelligence?

APPELBAUM: Well, I think without formal testing, one couldn't put an
IQ number on it, but I found him -- my impression at least is that he is quite bright.

SHIAVONI: And did you find him to be rational?

APPELBAUM: I did largely find him to be rational, yes.

Transcript, 99-Civ-9667 (SDNY 2007), 4/27/07, p33, Lines 1-10

john bougearel said...

It would be nice if such a hoax that TD is MA was possible, then at least I would know that MA was safe.

The world’s estrangement from Martin was felt far and wide, his fans, me included, felt his void.

@ anon, Dow 4000 is a nice target, but the timeline of July 09 is far too close

Former Texas judge Catherine Crier has written about our bureaucrats being not just above the law, but using it as a tyrannical instrument. MA's plight and story is consistent with her arguments. Something to consider for all of you who are rushing in to dismiss and debunk MA's musings as pure poppycock.

# The Case Against Lawyers: How the Lawyers, Politicians, and Bureaucrats Have Turned the Law into an Instrument of Tyranny--and What We as Citizens Have to Do About It ISBN 978-0767905053

# Contempt: How the Right Is Wronging American Justice (ISBN 1-59071-064-9, 2005).

Anonymous said...

I applaud anyone who stands up to the ignorance on here. Marty nor any of the other guys at Fort Dix Camp have access to computers. Grammar, spelling and punctuation DOES NOT dictate intelligence--isn't that the least of your worries when you have genius?

It is EASY to get them out of there, for someone else to scan and publish on the net... I have published every essay he has written since last October. I flooded the Internet so they could not edit them like they do to Wikipedia. He is a brilliant, good man who did not deserve 10 years in Prison because he knew too much.

There is far more than most will ever know, and I know that those that TRULY do their homework, and have studied his case, know the FACTS--a great injustice has happened to Martin Armstrong.

ALL of the great minds in Economy applaud him--all of the fools laugh and call him names. It's as simple as that.

Thanks to his supporters... by the way, go here to see an 8 minute video from a guy that "get's it!" He explains what most don't understand about Marty's case.

Anonymous said...